With so many auction properties out there, there are auction properties that will
easily let you earn 20% - 30% instant profit. The key question is what is
the method? How to do so?



Come and learn how you can achieve instant profit by buying auction properties. Are you still waiting years after years for properties to appreciate?


A lady who have started this auction properties journey 5 years ago, and have since then, grown her investment portfolio across the different country such as London, Australia, Thailand and others too.


In properties investment, it’s not about how many properties you owned previously, but how many total value of properties you have accumulated.



Everyone are talking about properties investment, lot’s of investor only know how to invest in primary market, which is new project because of low entry cost, but you need to wait for few years only can harvest your profit, so if you are not favor to this kind of investment, then auctions properties investment suit you the best!

We will represent you the complete guide how to identify and acquire

A complete checklist how to identify a good auction properties

Acquire auction properties with creative way

Buy auction properties without using getting mortgage

Free workshop worth RM297, limited to the first 30 pax only!

Sr. Vicky How Profile

Sr. Vicky How is a real estate entrepreneur, who started her real estate career since 15 years ago. She have accumulated more than RM28 million worth of properties in different country such as UK, Australia and Thailand.

She have helped many of her student to kick start their properties investment journey, and also helped those season investor Accumulate more wealth through real estate investment.

Sr. Vicky How specialized in using creative way and advance strategies to acquire different type of asset. She also understand that real estate investment exit plan is very important and is able to craft and customize different exit strategies for individuals with diffetentneeds and requirement.

In the past 14 years, Sr. Vicky How focused solely on real estate investment, and this helped her to create a lot of wealth and also build her belief that only real estate investment can ensure her future life stability.

Now, Sr. Vicky How fully dedicate her time to teach other about real estate investment and helping others earn their desired income through real estate investment and assist them to achieve their financial goals.

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More About Vicky How

Sr. Vicky How started her real estate career as a negotiator handling sales and leasing of residential and industrial properties since at the age of 18. She has more than 15 years of experience in property industry.

Due to her passion in real estate, she continue to pursue a degree in property during her university years. She obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Property Management and Investment, and a Master of Science in Finance, both from United Kingdom.

Since graduating, she has been worked for MNC property consultancy companies and public listed development company.

Currently, Sr. Vicky How is a licensed valuer registered with the Malaysian Board of Valuer, Estate Agency and Apprisal, and is also member of Royal Institue of Surveyor Malaysia (RISM) and Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

Golden Phoenix
Award 2016

Elegante International Business Award 2017

Star Property
Award 2018

Star Property
Award 2019


Through out my past 15 years old of real estate investment journey, I have developed a set of strategies for my own real estate investment. Now I would like to share these strategies with all of you who attend my upcoming workshop that I’m conducting personally.

In the workshop, you are going to learn

Property Identification

Learn how to spot and identify the right property to invest in without making a bad decision.

Your Financial Portfolio

Learn how to maximise your financial portfolio with strategic property investments, and using lesser capital to achieve higher returns!

Minimising Taxation

Why pay more when you are entitled to pay much less? Simple logic. You’ll find out how to do this legally!

Auction Property and It’s Advantages

There are many "hidden gem" auction properties available out there that are often overlooked. Learn how to acquire the right one easily and maximise your profits in a short period of time!



You’re ready to start your real estate investment journey

You want to learn more about how Sr. Vicky How suceeded in Real Estate Investment.

You want to grow or expand your real estate investment business

You want to learn the real estate investment using creative ways

You want to win in this real estate investment game!


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Date :

19/03/2020 Thursday
31/03/2020 Tuesday

Time :

7:30PM - 10:30PM
(Registration start at 7:00PM, light refreshment provided)

Location :

Cititel Hotel, Level 5, Mid Valley

Free workshop worth RM297, limited to the first 30 pax only!

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