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What Are You Going To Learn

Fast & Safe

I’m going to share with you how to build your Property Portfolio FAST & SAFE! So that you can enjoy your life without having to wait for 10 years and above!

Creative Tactic

I am going to share with you my creative ways on how you can buy a lot of property without borrowing money from bank

Avoid Big Mistakes

I will also share with you on how to avoid the common mistakes when investing in the property industry to minimize the risk and maximize your profit

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Today, those dreams, aspirations and hopes are a reality! I have acquired multiple properties of various types both locally and abroad. My Property Portfolio is continuously growing and generating profits. And believe me, I have proven results for myself as well as from those who learned from me and applied the strategies to their property investment! If I can do this, so can you! It is really not difficult to succeed in Property Investments if you use the correct methods to GROW your portfolio and invest SMARTLY in the right property ! This is where many of you are making the mistakes and getting stuck! But don’t worry, there are solutions! I’ve been there, done that!

SR. Vicky How

(Real Estate Entrepreneur)

SR Vicky How, a Valuer by profession, began her real estate career and investment journey more than 15 years ago. She was actively involved with the sale and leasing of commercial and residential properties, has experience working for a listed Property Development company and MNC Real Estate consultancy services.

She graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Real Estate and Masters in Finance from the UK.

Currently, she currently runs a Real Estate Agency & Valuation firm, a Property Management firm and a Real Estate Investment academy.

SR Vicky How currently holds a growing property portfolio worth RM58million both locally and overseas combined and, have spoken and taught on multiple platforms around the region.

She has been awarded The Most Outstanding Agent (2018) and The Queen Of Real Estate (2019) by StarProperty Malaysia.

Join my webinar if you...

  • want to know how to successfully build your property portfolio?
  • want to own multiple properties and generate profits?
  • want to know the right strategies for growing your portfolio?
  • want to have financial freedom

Let's see what my students said

Create outstanding property portfolio, Continue acquiring MORE properties, Generate profits, Get the right strategies to grow your portfolio, Have financial freedom!

Session Available

Webinar Session

Date: 22/04/2021 
Time: 8PM-10PM

Please fill up the correct number that able to contact via whatsapp,so we can share you the webinar link.

2nd Webinar Session

Date: 22/12/2020
Time: 8PM-10PM

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